Week 9: Topic 2

Topic 2:
I don’t think it will be very successful. I don’t think many people listen to the radio anymore. Most everyone that I have driven in a car with at Linn Benton plays music off of their phones or plays country music. Maybe kids I don’t really know would listen to it but I don’t think the radio is big for college kids. Personally I would not listen to it. I also think that the music that most kids like now-a-days are not radio material.
The only way I see a radio station being successful at Linn-Benton is to either build a station around bringing people up and having more of a motivation station, or have it just play todays pop hits non stop. People are not into talk radio as much as the older generation is. It is something that is dying down fast. With Apple music and Spotify being huge, everyone is just listening off of that. Its hard for me to give full feedback to what would help when I don’t really see it becoming a big thing at Linn-Benton. Maybe the radio station could off…

Week 9: Topic 1

Topic 1:
The only time I have had to protect someone from listening to corrupted music is either with my younger brother or when I am out in pubic. Honestly I listen to explicit rap that has many different corrupted materials in it. Stuff that I do not want my younger brother hearing and thinking its okay. Explicit language, Drug references, down talk of woman, and so on. The list doesn’t end with the rap that you hear today. Another time I had to be careful was at the gym I was playing music with a friend and a little girl with her mom came in. I had to turn the music off because I didn’t want to expose that girl to all of the explicit content. Some of the new rappers that we listen to today are becoming more and more explicit. Some of the new rappers that raises eyebrows for most people and I, are 21 Savage and XXXentacion. These rappers constantly rap about killing, shooting, drugs, sex, and more. It’s a lifestyle that some people should not be exposed to.
I didn’t really feel anyt…

Week 8: Topic 2

Topic 2:
The three magazines that I have picked up and read at a doctors or dentists office are, Sports Illustrated, ESPN Magazine, and any magazine that has to do with home interior design. I really like the two sports magazines because I play sports everyday and its something I am interested in. I haven’t read any of these magazines in a long time but I used to love looking at interviews of certain sports players. There would always be a section of an interview, describing their life as an athlete and what it took to get there. Also at the end of the sports magazines would be an art competition from people trying to draw portraits of athletes. I loved that section. The home interior design ones I really liked because I want to do something with design when I am older. It always had a lot of unique designs and material. Seeing that always made me happy. In a magazine I loved looking for big posters that you could take out, interesting facts that I didn’t know about players or designs…