Week 8: Topic 2

Topic 2:

The three magazines that I have picked up and read at a doctors or dentists office are, Sports Illustrated, ESPN Magazine, and any magazine that has to do with home interior design. I really like the two sports magazines because I play sports everyday and its something I am interested in. I haven’t read any of these magazines in a long time but I used to love looking at interviews of certain sports players. There would always be a section of an interview, describing their life as an athlete and what it took to get there. Also at the end of the sports magazines would be an art competition from people trying to draw portraits of athletes. I loved that section. The home interior design ones I really liked because I want to do something with design when I am older. It always had a lot of unique designs and material. Seeing that always made me happy. In a magazine I loved looking for big posters that you could take out, interesting facts that I didn’t know about players or designs, and cool action shots.  

The main advertisements that I remember in the sports magazines were always about watches, cologne, or something that an athlete Commercial for. I especially remember the watch ones because they always had really cool images with it. Peyton Manning would do Papa Johns ones, Chris Paul would do the insurance one, etc.. In the interior design ones it would be advertisements for furniture stores like Ikea, and would have other advertisements for food. As a consumer this says that athletes that read sports magazines, really enjoy commercials with famous athletes on them and that they really like watches I guess. The interior design shows that the people who read those magazines really like furniture and different designs to fit their house.


  1. I think it's interesting that you like interior design magazines for their materials and designs. I've never really thought about how people might like to look at the fabrics and patterns or design products like that. I have always liked to look at them for home decor ideas, or different brands that I like their style. I often give in to those ads that show stores like Ikea (half my house is from Ikea) and contribute to the growing advertisement industry. I also think it would be interesting to compare different interior design or home magazines to see what different ads they have in each of them.


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