Week 9: Topic 2

Topic 2:

I don’t think it will be very successful. I don’t think many people listen to the radio anymore. Most everyone that I have driven in a car with at Linn Benton plays music off of their phones or plays country music. Maybe kids I don’t really know would listen to it but I don’t think the radio is big for college kids. Personally I would not listen to it. I also think that the music that most kids like now-a-days are not radio material.

The only way I see a radio station being successful at Linn-Benton is to either build a station around bringing people up and having more of a motivation station, or have it just play todays pop hits non stop. People are not into talk radio as much as the older generation is. It is something that is dying down fast. With Apple music and Spotify being huge, everyone is just listening off of that. Its hard for me to give full feedback to what would help when I don’t really see it becoming a big thing at Linn-Benton. Maybe the radio station could offer kids with musical talent at Linn-Benton to get the chance to play their music on the radio station. Give local kids trying to make it in music, the chance to get it out there.

For funding I would tell the board that we want to build a radio station that can 1) be a phone service for kids at the school that need someone to talk to. 2) have motivational speakers on the show daily to help kids listen and remember who they are and what they are striving for. 3) let local bands and artists get to put their music on the station to try to get their music out there. Can give kids who don’t have much something to look forward to.


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