Week 1 Topic 2

Topic 2:

My three main source of information are Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. These are my go-to resources because they are so quick and easy to access. I am also already on those websites to connect with friends. While I am on there to do that there happens to be access to many different areas that I can pick up on the latest news. People tweeting about it or posting about something that happens in the world. I log onto twitter and it pops up the top streaming topics through hashtags. It could say something like #chicagoshooting and all I have to do it click it and it takes me to tons of different areas to read about what happened. If I am watching the news or something to her this information, I have to go through commercials and wait for the juicy news details.
When answering the question "How reliable is the information?" it becomes difficult. I do not believe everything I see on social media because a lot of information put on there is very bias towards what is happening. Though I try not to, I do get sucked into a lot of it believing that most of it is true. Social media has a lot of people just putting stuff on there that people want to hear so they can boost their likes. The more likes you get, the more followers you get, and the more followers you get the more people know you and pay attention to you.

After watching the videos we were assigned, my view on how much information could be fake that I am reading. That terrifies me, because it makes it hard to trust any information I read on social media now. The story of the guy creating the Facebook page and the girls being kidnapped really opened my eyes. The way that the government wants the people to se information is different then it really is. The only way to see if the information is real or fake is to find the author of that story and do background research to see how real they really are. People can lie about anything they want on social media, usually known as internet trolls. Going into depth to find who wrote each story is crucial to see if you are being trolled or reading real information. I will definitely start looking into each author of a story I read, instead of just passing along to my friends and believing it at first sight.


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