Week 2: Topic 1

Week 2: Topic 1

The 3 main people/organizations I follow are Worldstar, Sportscenter, and HipHopIQ. I follow Worldstar because they post funny videos and always keep up on news. Its not the best main source for news, but they do always keep you updated with what is going on around the world. I follow Sportscenter because I love sports and enjoy reading on new news around the sports world. The third one I follow is HipHopIQ. This account keeps you updated with the latest music trends and stories. It releases new songs to download and tell you the gossip around the HipHop world.

The most recent tweet I was tempted to retweet as of today was a video posted by Worldstar. The video had a little kid dancing to a Rihanna song and it made me laugh. I retweeted it because I want my friends that follow me to see that same video to get a laugh from it. It stood out to me because it made me laugh and put me in a better mood.

I believe that social media has the potential to be extremely useful for everyone to be able to take action in democracy, government, or other activities, but people have started to use it for attention more than anything. It gets tough to create an opinion off of social media because you dont know what is true or false information. People can lie about anything on social media and some people are going to believe it. For example: if someone does not like president Trump, and tweets out a fake article that trump doesnt like the state of Florida. There are a good amount of people on twitter that would have read that article and actually believed it. This is creating false biased opinions for people that start more drama in a situation then need be. You hear all the time someone sharing information that they strongly believe in and you ask them who told them that, and they say they saw it on the internet. I have personally done this before. I dont think we should get rid of social media because it does have a lot of positives as well, but I think we need to start teaching about what is and isn't true on the internet.


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