Week 2: topic 2

Topic 2

Sherry Turkle's TED talk did a great job in showing a different side to cell phones, and how it is impacting our social lives. I think that she is absolutely right, saying that as a society with cell phones we are losing the skill to have conversations. We would rather text because we can fix mistakes and delete things. I feel that people are afraid of face to face conversation because there is too much room for error when talking to someone, not behind a screen. Sherry talks about one day there being a Siri that is basically your best friend. Always there to listen to you and respond to you. This is because people are afraid of feeling alone. With contact to people always at your fingertips, people dont like having time to be alone anymore. Sherry brings up that "people expect more from technology and less from each other." This is a true statement. People are afraid now-a-days to create relationships and friendships because of the possibilities of it failing or being let down. That fear of that failure makes people rely completely on technology because you program it how you want it to respond to you. This TED talk really opened my eyes to see how I am personally using my cellphone.

I am not a huge gamer on my phone, but I used to play Tap Baseball 2017. I enjoy playing this game because, one I like baseball, and two I use it to kill time when I am bored. Phone games are great for killing time and connecting with other friends that play those games. Other than that game I have never really played online phone games.

I am usually busy everyday with baseball and working out but on my spare time with my phone I only play Tap Baseball or I go on social media apps. I play Tap Baseball more because it is a baseball game than to connect with friends. I try to build my team up to become really good at the game. I have never really been a big gamer on my cellphone. All games get too addictive and waste a lot of battery and data. Two things that I dont see a point in wasting over a game.


  1. Sherry Turkle had a very eye opening talk. Some of the things she said were even frightening, such as the artificial intelligence that people are creating to be like a human best friend, as you mentioned. To me, this is saddening. We are so doubtful in ourselves to be there for one another that we must create something that will be. What she said about why people prefer texts to phone calls or face to face conversations makes sense. We are so used to being able to edit what we say and have time to come up with the perfect response that when we can't do that it becomes nerve wracking. I hope that people realize that this is occurring and we can take a step back and reestablish relationships and no longer have the need for artificial best friends.


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