Week 3: topic 1

Topic 1:

I did some search on Facebook and Twitter of the biggest, current selling toy on the market; the fidget spinner. Kids these days see them everywhere, and the company has grossed over $500 million this year over them. You see them everywhere but why? Its because they did a great job of marketing them on social media. Going on twitter, Facebook, or Instagram you will probably see a video of the new coolest fidget spinner being played with, or having someone try to do a cool trick with them. They are using social media without really even trying to advertise it. For example, my friend made a video of him tossing a fidget spinner and catching it on his finger. It went viral and had over 50,000 likes. That means that 50,000 people just got exposed to free advertisement. Fidget spinner uses social media as a free advertisement, where they dont really have to pay anyone to post stuff of their product because people are already posting videos of it everyday. This allows it to be exposed to millions and millions of people everyday.

I would evaluate the campaign as an A+ for success. Racking in over $500 million in sales over a little plastic thing that spins. Without having commercials on TV, and only using social media to advertise, they had a huge success so far.

If I was the brand manager, I would keep doing what they are doing because it is working really well. Their idea only has so much potential and not having to spend much money on advertisements and still getting it out there is the best method to advertise their product. The only thing I could say that would help maybe a little would be to get some famous people posting about the product, but thats about it.


  1. I like how you brought up the free advertisement from videos people make. People don't tend to think about how things they say or do can persuade another person in one way or another about a product. People see others with fidget spinners and want them, they're trendy or "the toy to have" right now. When I was younger I loved to wear shirts that said Aeropostale or Hollister on them and, as a joke, my parents would ask me if I was being paid to advertise for them. At the time I thought it was an annoying comment and I ignored them, but I see now what they were talking about and this is what your comment made me think of.


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