Week 3: Topic 2

Topic 2:

The two commercials that I have seen on TV the past few days that really stood out are the Flex Seal commercial and a drive sober ad. The Flex Seal ad has a guy with a loud voice yell what the product does. They also show a demonstration where they cut a boat in half and use flex seal to put it back together. It actually looks really cool on the commercials. The drive sober ones show a story of kids who go out and don't think that anything will happen when they drive with a little alcohol but end up killing someone. That commercial is really moving.

The target audience for Flex Seal is anyone over 12 years old who would like to have rubber in a can to help fix things around the house like plant pots, gutters, etc. The target audience for the drive sober ad is for anyone that drives a car and thinks about drinking alcohol and driving.

The persuasive techniques used in the Flex Seal ad is, having a loud good speaker be the main guy and showing cool examples like cutting the boat in half and putting it back together with flex seal. That is what caught my attention. For the drive sober ad it was making it look like a real situation where a family was killed in a car accident and how it affected everyone around them. How that one kids action affected tons of people. That will persuade anyone.

I believe that they have both worked because of the message that it has put across. Flex seal has been extremely successful and well known for their commercial. The drive sober one has made big impacts in keeping the road safe and has put out a great message to the people.


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