Week 6: Topic 1

Topic 1:

·      I get my local news from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and my friends. I do not watch TV very much and I never read the newspaper, so these are my main forms I use for news. News is pretty important to my daily life because I always like being caught up in what is going on around me. I do not like being left in the dark with the news. The accounts I use for news on social media is usually hashtags that are most popular on that day. Lets say on twitter it says #taxes is tending across the country, and I can click on that hashtag and read tons of different articles on what the news is for that hashtag. On Facebook I scroll through and will see many different account posting random news reports that are interesting to me. The hardest one to answer is how do I know that the news I am getting is a 100% accurate, because honestly I do not know. I just believe what I read and hope no one is trying to scam me or cause fake reports. It takes too much time to go into every news report and site to see how accurate it is. It sounds lazy and dangerous potentially reading fake news and not checking it, but that’s what majority of people do on social media.
·      I do not pay for any subscriptions online for news sources. I have never seen a need to do so. Why spend money on news sources that you can see for free on social media. Personally I do not know any news sources that I would apply to because it is not the biggest deal to me to keep up with all of the news all the time.

·      I believe I am being informed a 4 with all of the news I see off of social media. I use SportsCenter for my sports news, and that seems to be pretty accurate, I use Twitter for trends of news, such as what is going on today that is effecting everyone else, I see older people post stuff on Facebook to give me info on the news around my community, and I use my parents as word of mouth of other news issues around the world. All of these sources to me seem to be really accurate in their news reports. It is important to me to be well informed about what is going on. I do not want to be lead into believing false stuff and lose track of what’s real and what’s fake around me. The most recent news report that I found out on twitter, that affected me was the death of Linkin Parks lead singer. It was the leading trend on twitter, so I clicked on it and found out he passed away. That is something I do not see being made up. That is a news report that was true that was posted on social media.


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