Week 6: Topic 2

Topic 2:
·      To be honest I do not know which one to believe. Its hard to not believe your President, because he runs our country, but at the same time I feel like Trump would lie about it just too cover himself up. There’s that way to look at it and then there is the viewpoint of the news companies making up certain stories to turn against Trump because they do not like him, and make money off of big stories that are not really true. I feel like you can’t fully make the right call, you just go with which one you believe in more. News companies make money off of big stories and President Trump is a walking giant news story. Personally I can’t decide which one to believe.
·      I believe that it goes back to who you truly believe in. If you are a huge supporter of Trump then you believe that the press is doing attacks against his rights, creating fake stories on him. If you are not a supporter of Trump, then you believe that he is harming democracy and the First Amendment with his attacks. Its hard to say when a lot of people want Trump out of the white house, so they create any possible scenario to get him in trouble and out of office. It is one big mess right now.

·      The biggest examples I notice are when he tweets on Twitter about how there is fake news about him. The age range on twitter is about 10 year olds to adults. Him tweeting one thing negative about the news press can go for over hundreds of thousands of retweets, exposing that tweet to millions of people. It may be true or it may be false, I am not sure, but it causes a huge drama pool once he tweets that out about the press. Causing the press to fire back and Trump to fire back causing even more unneeded drama in America.


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