Week 8: Topic 1

Topic 1:

Some books that I have read that I saw on the list:
·      Harry Potter: I am pretty surprised that they put Harry Potter on the list. That was the biggest book series in history, and almost every person I knew in elementary school and middle school read those books. I didn’t think it had that many explicit scenes or material throughout the series.
·      Captain Underpants: This series I am also really shocked about but I can see how some sensitive parents would say a man running around in underwear could be seen as inappropriate. I thought it was a really funny book series when I was younger.
·      The Adventures of Huckleberry Fin: I read this book when I was in 8th grade and didn’t really enjoy it that much. Personally I thought it was out dated but there were good symbolic meanings in it. The racial slurs and common use of the N word is probably the reason this book was ban. I understand it in that sense but I just think parents are soft.
·      The Hunger Games: This series was one of my favorites to read. I was a Hungers Game nerd for awhile and thought it didn’t have too much explicit material. It can be violent but so can society and you cant hide that. It was a great fantasy read.

I think it is really dumb. Instead of completely kicking books out I think they should category the type of book like they do for movies or video games. E for everyone, PG-13, where you cant be younger than 13 to read the book or R where you need to older or have a parent read it with you. I don’t understand why parents are so anal about the explicit material on books now when they give their kids full access to the internet. When I was in elementary school and middle school, we didn’t have access to all the stuff on the internet like we do today. My little brother and other younger kids I have met have seen some pretty graphic stuff on their computers, through video games, or what people post on social media. Books do more of a justice to kids then the internet does, yet parents don’t see that. A kid actually has to read the book, to learn what is inside of it. Makes them explore their imagination. Going online you can just see a video of graphic material ad not have to do much extra thinking.

I currently do not have a bookshelf in my house. I usually don’t read unless I am at school. I really enjoy reading sports fantasy books, like Friday Night Lights, and other one I find on the shelf at the library.


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